What is Seismic Isolation?About JSSI
Journal and Publication JSSI edition(English written)

Buckling-Restrained Braces and Applications
Book purchase application form (Dec. 2017)

Construction procedure standard for SI buildings
(March 2018)

Standard for maintenance of SI buildings
(May 2018)

Guidelines for wind-resistant design of base-isolated buildings
(March 2018)

A Primer of SI
(Jan. 2010)

What is an SI building?
(Dec. 2016)

AIJ edition

Recommendation for the Design of Seismically Isolated Buildings
(Dec. 2016)
Translated by JSSI
For purchase, please contact AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan).

JSSI edition

Design guidelines for designing SI buildings by time-history response-analysis method
(Sept. 2016)

Design guidelines for connection of devices to structures
(Sept. 2016)

Structural fire safety design guide book for SI buildings
(Dec. 2017)

Guideline on expansion-joints for SI buildings
(March 2017)

Architectural details of SI buildings
(March 2017)

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