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JSSI Award - The 24th Prizes of the Japan Society of Seismic Isolation, 2023 -

Purpose of the commendation

The JSSI award system recognizes individuals, corporations, and organizations that have contributed to the technological advancement and the proper spread and development of seismically isolated (SI) or vibration controlled (VC) structures and devices.

Description of the commendation

They are five prizes, such as ‘Prize for Distinguished Service’, ‘Engineering Award’, ‘Architectural Design Award’, ‘Diffusion Award’ and ‘Practical Achievement Award’.

Prize for Distinguished Service will be given to individuals who have achieved remarkable achievements in the proper spread and development related SI or VC over the years.
Engineering Award will be given to individuals, corporations and organizations that have achieved excellent results in SI or VC engineering field.
Architectural Design Award will be given to individuals, corporations and organizations that have made major contributions to the realization of exceptionally excellent buildings that reflect the characteristics of SI or VC. New construction or renovation of the work is not required.
Diffusion Award will be given to individuals, corporations and organizations that have contributed to proper spread and awareness-raising activities of SI or VC.
Practical Achievement Award will be given to individuals, corporations and organizations that have made outstanding achievements in renovation, maintenance, restoration, realization of difficult projects, etc., reflecting the characteristics of SI or VC.
Details of prizes depend on the commendation regulations of JSSI.

Choosing prizes

Committee of commendation of JSSI that consists of eight experts decided them.

Number of applications in 2023

They were sixteen in ‘Architectural Design Award’, one in ‘Engineering Award’, two in ‘Practical Achievement Award’ and one in ‘Prize for Distinguished Service’.

Results of selection

They were the followings:
(prize winner personal names and the honorific titles are omitted)


Dr. Akira Wada (http://www.akira-wada.com/)


" Port Plus -All-Timber Fire-Resistant High-Rise Building- "
Obayashi Corporation

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"Port Plus", the highest ever all-timber buildings in Japan having 11-stories, was designed and constructed by OBAYASHI CORPORATION in Yokohama-city. In order to contribute the expansion of timber usage, all the structural members of its superstructure, such as column, girders, slabs, and walls are made of timber materials.
By seismic isolation system and developing a new technology for rigidly joining timber columns and beams, we realized a new architectural appearance that is different from existing steel-framed and reinforced concrete buildings.

"Takenaka Corporation Shizuoka Office"
Takenaka Corporation

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Takenaka corporation Shizuoka office is small office building located in the center of Shizuoka city. Followings are request for the building, flexible plan, high seismic performance and measurement against flood. Due to these requests, building structure is planned with three cylindrical RC slabs supported by 4 columns which have seismic isolation devices on the top.
The cylindrical slab has high stiffness and strength even it has only 250mm thickness. On the other hand, to reveal structural properties and durability, material nonlinear FEM anyalysis was perfomed in structural design and calculation.
The shape of cylindrical RC slab creates rich air volume of office space with natural light and building equipment space between floor finishing and RC slab.


“TMD system for large earthquakes that can be adapted to a wide range of building sizes and construction conditions”
Kajima Corporation

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“NTT Docomo Osaka Nanko Building, Retrofit for seismic isolation layer of existing building against long-period seismic motion”

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“Okazaki Shinkin Bank Museum, Seismic Isolation Retrofit - Popular jack-up-less seismic isolation retrofit using BIM”
Dynamic Design Inc.

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The commendation ceremony was held after the general meeting of JSSI on June 13, 2023.

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