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December 2018

The committee on international affairs of the Japan Society of Seismic Isolation (JSSI) is planning to make an international database of seismically isolated buildings in order to achieve the following objectives;

1) To share information on the design of seismically isolated buildings and seismic isolation devices in the world
2) To improve and promote seismically isolated buildings widely in the world by sharing the collected information

Attached data is the information currently collected.
Should you wish to take part in this project, please fill in the attached sheet and send it/them back to the following email address.

Yours faithfully,

The Japan Society of Seismic Isolation
Chairman of Committee on International Affairs
Address: JIA Bldg 2F, 2-3-18 Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0001 JAPAN
Telephone: +81-(0)3-5775-5432
Facsimile: +81-(0)3-5775-5434
E-mail: cfa-db@jssi.or.jp
Attached sheet
Data for seismic-isolation and vibration-control buildings on the following are collected by the Committee of International affairs of JSSI.
If you would like to view these data, please fill out the registration form to register.

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1. GINZA Building (Office/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

2. Chigasaki mansion (Residence/ Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN)

3. Ito municipal hospital (Hospital/ Shizuoka prefecture, Japan)

4. Shimanto City Government Building (Office/ Kochi Prefecture, JAPAN)

5. Fukuda Corporation Head Office Building (Office/ Niigata prefecture, Japan)

6. Shimazu hospital (Hospital/ Kochi prefecture, JAPAN)

7. Fujita Health University Hospital B Building (Hospital/ Aichi prefecture, Japan)

8. K College of Music (School/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

9. FFG building (Office/ Fukuoka prefecture, JAPAN)

10. DEUX TOURS CANAL&SPA (Residence/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

11. Brillia THE TOWER TOKYO YAESU AVENU (Residence/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

12. POLA MUSEUM OF ART (Museum/ Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN)

13. Techno-station (Office/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

14. Sosokan (School/ Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN)

15. FLATS Toyo (Residence/ Metropolis, JAPAN)

16. Tanmachi Chikuyuryo (Domitory/ Kanagawa prefecture, JAPAN)

17. TY Mansion (Residence/ Shizuoka prefecture, JAPAN)

18. A Hospital (Hospital/ Kumamoto prefecture, JAPAN)

19. University (University / Tokyo, JAPAN)

20. T Office (Office/ Tokyo, JAPAN)

21. H Bank (Office/ Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN)

22. M Hospital (Hospital/ Chiba prefecture, JAPAN)

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