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Princeple of SI Principle of seismic isolation dor buildings

This brochure shows principle, concept, analysis of SI for buildings.
Principle of Seismic Isolation for Buildings

What is the system of seismic isolation?

The following animations show the properties of buildings during earthquakes.

animation Conventional building and SI building

Conventional building
Conventional building
These buildings are set on the ground, vibration of earthquakes is brought directly to the superstructure.
Building vibration is severe, there are possibilities that furniture will move and overturn sometimes, doors distort, and walls crack.
SI building
SI building
Devices are installed between building and the ground, and they absorb energy of vibration during the earthquakes. They can reduce vibration of building.
Building vibration is very slow, there are few possibilities of the foresaid situations.

Simulation vehivle for shaking of building during earthquakes

Simulation vehicle is installed seismic isolation system and generating system of earthquake ground motions. The video of the right side shows shaking situation of conventional building during the Kobe earthquake, the video of the left side shows shaking situation of seismically-isolated building during the same earthquake. The difference of shaking is significant, especially reduction of severe shaking is recognized in case of seismic isolation.


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